2016 – Drummers Sweet 16 Holiday List!

(I know its a bit late, but here are some great last minute stocking stuffers and a few fantastic package deals to keep the drummer in your life on the beat!)

This year, I’m breaking up the list into several categories of 5. The first category will be small but extremely useful items, most of which help dial in your sound. The second category will be bigger items, and the final category will be package deals that are too good to pass up! Plus, there is 1 final item at the end that you may just drool over!

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Alright, now that THATS out of the way, take a look at this list!

Each item’s title is a link to purchase!

Here we go!


  1. Drum Dots   $10drumdots

These clear little dots are among the best drum dampening systems out there! Specifically designed to take out certain frequencies when place on the batter or resonant head of the drum. I swear by these, and have never played a gig or recorded in a studio without them!


2. Emergency Kits $10-$20gibraltar-scdtk

Every drummer deals with losing small pieces here and there over time. These things add up very quickly, and before you know it you’re missing most of your felts, cymbals sleeves, and even your drum key! This kit, and others like it (although some are proprietary and have items that only work with hardware made from that company, such as the DW survival kit) are sure to keep your drummer playing their best!


3. Falam Slams – aka-  BASS DRUM SAVERS  $5-$10p38804

Designed to increase the longevity of your kick drum and keep the kick beater from wearing on the head too much, these life savers can also balance out your kick sound! They make them in Mylar, felt, and some with metal (for that “click” sound). Pair them with different types of bass drum beaters and you can really dial in that tone you’ve been looking for! Wood or plastic beater? try a felt patch, you’ll still get the attack of having a wood beater, but the felt will add just a touch of warmth. Felt beater? Try a mylar or metal patch, which will increase the attack (the click sound) all while making your kick head last longer!

4. Vater Stick Holder $10-$15


Stick holders come in handy for those moments when you’re raging hard on a song and a stick just decides its had enough and either breaks or jumps right out of your hand! Either that, or maybe you’re a flashy drummer doing all the stick tricks, and you miss one….in which case a stick holder like this is perfect!


5. Vater Stick Bag $20-$30


Every drummer needs a stick bag! This is where you keep all your small spare parts, felts, patches, drum keys, and of course….sticks!


This next set of 5 items is geared towards slightly bigger products, most of which serve the purpose of making your drum kit sound better!


6. Big Fat Snare Drum $20-$30


The Big Fat Snare Drum is one of the coolest new items on the drumming market right now. There are several models, all of which deaden your snare sound to get that fat 70’s tone. Some have other trinkets like jingles and such, and they’re all fantastic! Great for studio or live drumming, and harnessing your creativity!


7. KickPro Bass Drum Pillow  $30-$40kickpro

If a dialed in kick sound is what you’re going for, look no further. These bass drum pillows have a weighted core (that adds extra THUD), a non slip bottom (so they won’t move around from song to song like most of the other similar kick dampening products ) AND a soft fleece top (great for long trips in the van on tour). As a Kick Pro Artist, I swear by these pillows. I’ve worked in the drum industry for years and have tried almost every kick dampening product out there, and none of them did the job as well as this one! Great price point too! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!


8. KickPort $30-$40 9990

The Kick Port is a great way to add more depth to your kick sound. By focusing the sound coming out of your port hole, the Kick Port helps the microphone pick up a more deliberate tone from your bass drum!


9. Roc-N-Soc Drum Throne $150-$250nrxok-large

Roc-N-Soc Thrones are the best on the market in my opinion. Deluxe, Durable, and made right here in North Carolina. Adding a new throne to your kit can make playing a lot easier and a lot more fun! Comfort is king!


10. Vic Firth Drumming Headphones $50-$70lg_sih11

Theres a reason these headphones are a best seller in the drum world. They are affordable, comfortable, cancel out a good amount of ambient noise, and have great sound quality. Perfect for recording, playing along to tracks, or jamming out!


The final group of drumming gifts is focused on package deals! These can be a great way to get your drummer multiple cymbals, heads, and other items that can normally be pretty expensive when bought separately!


11. Dream Cymbals Ignition Starter Pack  $300-$400preview_1

Dream Cymbals are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES! Not only do they sound beyond fantastic, but they are arguable the best priced cymbals in the history of cymbals. Their approach to pricing structure ensures that the drummer can pick the cymbals they WANT, rather than the ones they can afford. How? Its called Sound Pricing, and Dream launched this idea in 2012. “All cymbals of the same size and style across Bliss, Contact, Energy, Vintage Bliss and Pang series will be the same price as the Bliss series. This represents a price reduction averaging more than 20% and ranging as high as 42%.” –Dreamcymbals.com

The Ignition Cymbal Pack features:

-Bliss/Contact series hybrid sound
-Great Sound For The Price
-Hand-Hammered Bronze
-Includes: 14″ hi-hat, 16″ crash, 20″ ride, 22″ cymbal bag

I’ve played my Dream Cymbals live and in the studio, and I will NEVER go back to any other cymbal company. You’ll see why when you try your new Dream cymbals out!


12. Remo Fusion ProPack $50-$70442827000000000-00-500x500

I’m a Remo guy, and buying drum heads in a pack is the best way to go about it. The most important thing is to make sure you know the sizes of your drums, so you can make sure the pack has heads for most if not all of your drums! This fusion pro pack is great!


13. Evans G2 Clear Pack $40-$70


Evans heads are among the best on the market and are known for their innovative technology! You can’t go wrong with this G2 Clear pack! Great for rock and metal drummers!


14. Aquarian Performance-2 Clear Drum Head Pack $40-$7052081-5bb774d38e9dcf7b86d96ef8cf648b19

Aquarian drum heads are an industry standard for recording, and for metal drummers especially. Their most famous head is the Super Kick and Super Kick II, one of THE best kick drum heads ever made. As with most drum head companies, their multi packs vary and there are plenty of options to choose from!


15. Vater Stick Bundles $35-$40 vater-vsp5bw-5b-american-hickory-sticks-4-pack

Vater Sticks have been my go to’s for years. Ive never been disappointed! Buying sticks in bulk is the smartest way to do it! These 5b’s are great for rock and metal drummers, or anyone with big hands that likes a bigger stick, but there are many packs to choose from!


Here it is, the final, 16th item for the 2016 drummers holiday list…..


16. Yamaha Gigmaker 5 pc shell pack $399!!!!


Yamaha makes some of the best drums and hardware, and they have a beginners drum set that beats all the competition! The Gigmaker 5 pc shell pack comes in 4 different color options, all with glitter (super rock n roll) and can NOT be beat for the quality, price, and sound in the beginners drum set market! If you’re looking to buy your drummer their first kit, or first “real” kit….these are the way to go! They’re durable, flashy, and sound great! My personal favorite is the White Grape Glitter kit 😉



Well, thats all folks! Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading, and I hope this list helps you pick out the perfect gift for the drummer in your life!

As always, you can find me on Facebook and instagram @drumityourself, as well as expertlychosen.com – a great website for picking out gifts! 


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KICKPRO Bass Drum Pillow

Hello drummers!

Ever get tired of putting sheets, floppy pillows, or even random clothes in your kick drum? None of these things muffle very well. They either kill the sound completely or just don’t work at all. One of the main problems is that they move around while playing. If you’ve got a heavy foot like me, you know all too well how much of a pain in the ass this can be, not to mention how much it can change your kick drum sound from song to song.

Well, forget about all that. And forget about all these other EQ pads and dampening systems. This one is simple, practical, versatile, and extremely effective.

I’m talking about the KickPro Bass Drum Pillow.




Here are some specs:

-Weighted core (about 5lbs or 2.2 kg)

-Non slip bottom

-The top is a nice soft fleece (which comes in handy on the road during those long drives)

-No need to pack an extra pillow, KickPro is your best friend on tour!

-Fits through standard 5 inch port holes

-They actually stay where you put them!

-Because of the weighted core, they add a nice thump to the bottom end and really bring out the sound of your kick drum.

-Fantastic for live and studio drumming

-Durable and made in USA



“I developed the KickPro based on years of working in the studio with bands like Foo Fighters, Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Tool, Bob Dylan, Three Days Grace, Chris Daughtry, and producers Nick Raskulinecz, Howard Benson, Matt Hyde, David Bottrill, and many more,” says LA drummer and drum tech, Jon Nicholson. “After stuffing anything and everything inside kick drums, my clients and I agree that the simple, compact, versatile and extremely effective KickPro makes bass drums sound great.”



I’m very excited to announce that I’m officially a KickPro Artist!


Photo Cred: Justin Brown – CarAlive Photography

If you live in the Raleigh NC area, feel free to message me and give these pillows a try!

I can’t stress enough how much I love these pillows. I’ve tried almost every dampening system on the market and I haven’t experienced real results this noticeable before! ESPECIALLY AT THIS PRICE POINT.

Get yours now! Don’t sleep on these!!!! (well, actually…go for it…they’re super comfy!)

The KickPro Bass Drum Pillow is a great tool to add to your sonic arsenal!

Check out some of these:


You can order yours HERE, Like and subscribe HERE, and follow HERE 

Fatten up your Fump!







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Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

Last month, I made a decision to take a temporary break from putting my efforts towards articles and interviews, in order to turn my focus on studying drums more in depth and to be able to handle all the gigs and rehearsals I had lined up. I’m about to tell you all about that, and about whats happening soon! Here we go.


My plan for taking time away from the blog and putting it towards drumming has been going well. I have been actively searching for a pro drummer in town to study under that gigs regularly, so some of those trade secrets can rub off, and to get a different perspective from what I’ve been doing. Most of what I found where traditional instructors working at drums shops mainly teaching students their drum parts for school and what not, or drummers outside of my area that were inside of my realm of music. It was important to me to find someone who can play what I do, but doesn’t. My main criteria being that they aren’t in bands in the same genre as what I’m doing. For me its all about having a well rounded perspective and this is a must for breaking out of my comfort zone.

So, in my search for a professional drummer to study under, I came across Nick Baglio. He plays with The Hot at Nights , Jeanne Jolly, and Grammy Nominated R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop group The Foreign Exchange. As an active Dream Cymbals and Vic Firth artist, he’s doing tons of great stuff and I couldn’t have found a better drummer to study under for what I am trying to do. (Which is essentially to get out of my comfort zone and dive in to styles that while I enjoy listening to I haven’t had much experience with playing live, as well as throwing in a few traditional exercises with a lot of equally cool but not as traditional linear exercises to make my brain work as hard as possible.)

With my schedule being pretty packed since I’m in 4 bands, bartend, work for myself and one other website, (Notive.co a UK based social platform for producers to sell loops, beats, and samples…more on this in a bit) I’ve only been able to study under Nick part time, which I believe works best for both of our schedules, but I couldn’t be happier. It makes our lessons together a lot more valuable knowing that I’ll only have about an hour to go over old and new concepts, and then I’ll have roughly a couple weeks or so to practice them and come to the next session ready to explore new exercises. I’m really excited about this new journey.

I’ve also had the chance to play dual drums for the first time! My good friend and drummer bud on my first actual tour ever, Thomas McKneely (drums for Jenny Besetzt, Guitar and vocals for Weird Pennies of Raleigh and all around rad dude) and myself filled in on drums for the madman himself, Darrin Cripe in his band Acid Chaperone on Halloween at kings, supported by monster acts Zack Mexico and Purling Hiss. This show was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time! It was a packed party house full of people in costume. As a band, we were covered in blood, and on our finale (a song where there is a break in the music except for Thomas and myself going crazy on double drums for a few minutes at the end) the Zack Mexico guys, all of whom are close friends…one of which was naked except for his guitar, joined us onstage for some halloween antics and squirted fake blood all over a roaring crowd all while we were covered in psychedelic projections courtesy of Tim Lemuel from Deep Sleeper (who I also drum for).Needless to say this was my favorite halloween so far, and I don’t think it will be forgotten any time soon!

On Top of preparing for all of this, learning all the Acid Chaperone songs in just 3 practices with 2 drummers who aren’t even in the band nor have played any of those songs before, working, and creating electronic music online, I’ve been gearing up for some upcoming shows.

Monday November 7th at Local 506 in Chapel Hill NC my band GROHG is opening for TOMBS and Wolvhammer.

Sunday November 20th at Neptunes Parlour in Raleigh NC my other band No One Mind is having our Raleigh album release show featuring Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions, and Moon Racer. We’ve also recently released a cassette single (cassingle) of a cover song I think you’ll really enjoy. 

Also in November my other band No Eyes is playing the Neptunes Fall Friday Show Series (we play a live set and then DJ afterward for the rest of the night) This is happening on the 25th.

Deep Sleeper is also working on a few shows coming up to be announced. So, I’m getting pretty busy and its going great!

I’ve also started making loops, beats, and samples lately, due to my rehearsal space being bought out and demolished….so in order to keep things fresh I’ve been diving in to the electronic world to keep drumming in my free time instead of just when I have rehearsals at my band mates spots. Recently, Notive.co has reached out to me based on some samples I recorded a while back, to set up a shop on their new UK based website for selling loops and beats and all that jazz. Its been pretty cool exploring this new area of music for me and even though I’m learning as I go, its a lot of a fun. Tedious as all hell, but fun. They’re site hasn’t quite gone public yet, but I am one of several of the first producers to set up a shop and test out the site. I love it, and I think its going to be a hit! Oddly enough this makes 2 UK based websites that I’m working with, Notive.co and Expertlychosen.com where I’m the resident drum expert for all things gift list related!

Lets see…..I think thats about it as far as things I can announce currently, but stick around! There is plenty more ahead!


Recent Shows With No One Mind

As always, you can check out noonemind.com for future dates, sneak peaks, and merch…but here is a brief glimpse of our gigs this past weekend. 

This past Friday we played with Seegulls for their EP release at Kings in Raleigh. Had a blast!  ​

I ran out of room on my phone, but these are the snapshots I was able to get… I was a little preoccupied enjoying the show and bouncing around with these giant balloons they brought for the crowd. 
Sunday, we performed a live set on WXDU at Duke University in Durham NC followed by a show at the cats cradle back room with Third Uncle Records label mates Honey Radar. Killer psych jams! ​Billy the label head was nice enough to come out, and it was great meeting him and honey radar! See you at hopscotch! 

Thanks for checking in! I know this one was a bit brief. Big things in the works, stick around. 

Now drumming for No One Mind / first mini tour! 

Recently I was approached by the immensely chill and extremely talented Missy Thangs (Birds Of Avalon) about being the drummer for another project called No One Mind

The album had already been recorded, mixed, and mastered, and was (still is) to be released via Third Uncle Records in September. The issue was, their founding and recording drummer Noah Dehmer (who’s fucking killer by the way) had relocated to New York, and they needed someone who could learn the record and become the new drummer. 

A little back story: 

Missy is an AMAZING engineer at The Fidelitorium studio in Kernersville NC, and has recorded a ton of great musicians, including my girlfriends kick ass band – Pieface Girls – you can see the full list of her clients as well as the client list for the Fidelitorium, Here

Naturally I couldn’t turn down such a great opportunity to play with and learn from such a dope human being! And I had yet to find out there are two other extremely talented and dope human beings behind the music as well  ( Ellis Anderson from Toddlers, and Sam Logan of Lilac Shadows ) whom I was beyond impressed with and stoked on how good the vibes were from the get go! Killer. Dudes. 

Anyway, I listened to the tracks and was sold immediately. I’d show you…but you’ll have to wait until September for the full length! Orrrrrr you could come see us on our first mini tour which is happening RIGHT NOW AS IM TYPING! Jenny Besetzt Invited us and KONVOI on a lil run through the mountains and back. Tonight, we play Boone Saloon in Boone NC, then Friday we play hellraiser house in greensboro, and we finish off our 3 day stint on Saturday at the pinhook in Durham! Until you can catch us live, here’s a single – Born Again

From left – Missy, Sam, Ellis, Me 
More updates coming soon! Gotta load in some gear for tonight’s gig! 

Update: Boone saloon was a success! GSO here we go! 

Interview with Hugo Stanley of PALM

PALM is one of the most interesting bands hailing from the New York noise scene….or any scene for that matter. Their mind altering arrangements push and pull the listener around as if the body and the soul are in a heated battle of tug of war. Upon first hearing the song “Crank“, randomly going down a youtube rabbit hole, I remember being immediately taken over by some strange cosmic force…laying down on the floor, and being consumed completely.

I missed them playing at Neptunes (a local bar in Raleigh) in november of last year…but was fortunate enough to get the chance to see them at KINGS this go around (joined by Gnarwhal, SMLH, and DED) and I couldn’t help but let my inner drum nerd get the best of me. Hugo was nice enough to hang after their mesmerizing set, and give me some insight on his extremely innovative and musical approach to the drum set.

palm band 2

Hugo, thanks so much for meeting with me. I Have to ask….what are your drumming influences? How would you say you’ve developed such a unique style?

Its a little strange. In my head I’m kind of like, primarily a guitarist. Which doesn’t really make sense when I say that to people, because I don’t play guitar in any bands.

I feel like that makes sense in the context of Palm though, because of the way the guitars and the drums work together you sort of have to think as a guitarist and a drummer at the same time.

Yea its kind of like a conscious thing in Palm where the guitars, a lot of the time, are the rhythmic element whereas the drums and bass act more like the melody, or if not the melody maybe the lead in a way. Which is fine because Kasra (guitar, vox) is a drummer, he doesn’t play that much anymore, but his way of playing is more of like a natural drummer to me. I’m shit at just playing 4/4, its just not my thing. I’m envious of people that can. So I guess getting back to your question, what drummers am I influenced by?

Well not necessarily drummers, but what inspires you to play drums the way that you play them. Do you usually just sit down and go for it, or do you have specific things that you do to get inspiration?

I don’t really practice on my own. I’d love to, but I’ve never really had a living situation where that was possible, so when I play drums its normally just at practice. I’ve played drums in a few other bands that are pretty different compared to Palm. One was sort of like noise rock/ post hardcore kinda thing where the drums were more like classic rock influenced. I don’t know, I played drums just fucking around with different stuff in college, which is also when I started kind of playing drums regularly, even though my mind is very guitar centric. When I started getting into music as a player when I was around 14 or something I definitely always liked the drums. The first drummer that was super influential to me when I started playing a lot was Britt Walford from Slint (also the Breeders, Watter and Squirrel Bait). Even specific fills I feel like, I’ve probably lifted and used. That band just blew open the door to things you can do compositionally, and I definitely try to be compositionally minded in the way that I’m a part of this band at least. Its not the kind of thing where they just bring in a song and its pretty apparent what the drums are supposed to do and I just do that. Either we work out a song together or something just comes from jamming or Kasra brings in a song and I’ll just be like “alright, I’m gonna try and fuck this up” or just play in a different time signature over the song and see what that sounds like…and Jerry kind of switches between playing in the feel that im play and then playing in the feel the guitars are playing.

When did you first start playing drums?

 First time I ever played drums in my life I was like 9 or 10 or something. My dad played music and he was doing some kind of recording session somewhere and brought me along, and they were listening back to some shit in their control room and my dad was like “why don’t you go in the live room and mess around” I was just drawn to the drums. I played them for a second and I was like whoa. Drums are kind of like the most intuitive instrument in a way, like they’re harder than all the other instruments in that you have to have independence with all four of your limbs. There aren’t really any other instruments like that. I guess arguably, Piano is one because of the use of the pedals in conjunction with the keys…but with drums its also kind of counter intuitive in that you have to develop this independence that’s not necessary with guitar and bass, but its also intuitive in that its just very clear how physical action of playing the instrument correlates with the sound that comes out you know what I mean? Its like, you hit this thing with a stick and it makes noise. You can figure out how to play percussion on some level even as a baby. I guess I like drums because it’s like this weird juxtaposition of it being a really obvious thing but also kind of limitless. The deeper you get you can conceivably be playing 4 different time signatures with all 4 of your limbs. It’s pretty insane. But yea, I didn’t start playing drums regularly until later in high school like 16 or 17 but I didn’t really start playing in bands that practice regularly until I got to college. There were a lot of situations where I would play drums because we were having a band practice and I didn’t really play outside of that. Only once I started touring with Palm and Big Neck Police, I would be like “oh I should practice this so that when we are playing a show I’m not like FUCK I wish I had practiced this. Guitar was always a thing because I could just play it in my room for hours and not disturb anyone. I grew up in Manhattan in an apartment, and I knew I wanted to play drums really early, but it was just never a thing. My parents bought me this electronic drum kit where all the drum pads were on this one unit, and it wasn’t particularly satisfying to play. Its not an acoustic instrument, which is another thing that I like about drums is that in this sort of classic rock context its pretty much the only truly acoustic instrument.

Do you remember the first show you ever went to, or played?

The first show I ever played I was probably 18. I think I had just turned 18. I had been playing guitar since I was 13 or 14 and I had started fucking around with drums at that time as well but didn’t play in bands until later. It was at this building that was a weird structure from the 1700’s called The Old Stone House in Brooklyn. It was some sort of outpost during the civil war or some shit. Anyway I played there with my band at the time, I guess we were like psychedelic rock. We drew lots of influence from Pink Floyd and Neil young so we kind of had that sort of vibe. I remember I was physically shaking I was so fucking nervous. No amount of practicing could prepare me for that at the time.

What are your kit specs? Your set up is basically: Kick, snare, floor tom, hi hat, crash/ride, and a jam block instead of a rack tom right?

Yea, so my kit is assembled entirely of stuff that I found mostly. The hardware I guess I “found” at my school. During the spring fling there was this thing and they had a tent where I guess bands were playing, and they had bought all this hardware for this showcase of the bands. It was 3 or 4 days after the even and the tent was still erected and there was still all this gear inside the tent and it all had tags on it, so I deduced that this had been bought by the school and had been abandoned. I called my girlfriend at the time and was like “there’s all this shit that I wanna take” and she brought me a random guitar case from somewhere that I had, and so I basically stole all this hardware. That’s where its from, haha. My bass drum pedal which I actually lost in Austin a few days ago was just like…my house was on the same lot as this other house and someone that played drums lived there and left it behind, so that’s how I found that. The floor tom I got from this dude that I met skateboarding who was like “hey, I have all this shit.” He had bass drum and a floor tom and was like “yea I’ll just give it to you” So I sort of kept nagging him and hitting him up for it and one day he was like “yea I’ll bring it by…but I don’t have the bass drum anymore cause’ all that stuff was in my car, and I was trying to pick up some friends and there wasn’t room…so I just left it on the side of the road somewhere, but I still have the floor tom” So he gave me the floor tom. The cymbals and snare actually I bought for super cheap from a friend of my dads who played drums. The bass drum I bought from this store called Main Drag Music in New York, which is a really good music store. They were having this even which was like a BBQ where they were trying to get rid of the surplus the store had, and they had this bass drum. My dad was with me and I was like “I need this bass drum, I gotta go on tour but I don’t have a bass drum”. It was this weird Ludwig from the 70’s that didn’t have lugs for a resonant head it was just open and it was soooooo light. Lighter than the floor tom. So they were asking for like a hundred bucks, and my dad who is like this fierce bargainer was like “I’ll give you $40 for it” So I got my bass drum for 40 bucks, got all the hardware for free, got the floor tom for free, the cymbals and snare which I guess are the nicest parts of the kit I bought from my dads friend, and then there’s the jam block. Its funny, people always ask me about that.

It definitely stands out, but in a good way.

yea it’s really loud and like super staccato and super bright.

Its fucking cool as shit to be honest

Haha, thanks man. I’m into because its like, there’s not anoter part of the standard kit that’s does what the jam block does. It wasn’t even me being like “oh I want to add this to my kit.” The guitarist Kasra and them liked it, and I guess they bought one. So I just showed up at practice one day and it was there and I was like “yea ill fuck around with this” … but I didn’t feel comfortable having a part of the kit that was like this novelty thing that I use in specific songs. I felt like I should treat it like a part of the kit. Its not so much like this anymore but for a while it made its way into all the songs we were writing, and I didn’t want it to be this kind of gimmick sort of thing. For a while I was using another crash and a rack tom but I kind of started stripping elements away. Part of that was because I’ve always thought the fewer elements you have the more you are forced to be resourceful. There are all sorts of sounds you can get out of each part of the kit. The other part is being on tour I would lose shit, and I hated carrying a bunch of shit. Any excuse for stripping away from the kit is less stuff that I can lose or have to carry. So I did away with a few things. It’s a weird combination of being practical I guess while also trying to challenge myself.

Right on. Thats a very cool way to acquire a drum kit!

hugo 1

How about some slightly different questions. What’s your favorite food?

I don’t really have a favorite food right now. My sense of good food is kind of fucked just from being on tour.

Ok, whats your favorite tour food?

I always love Chinese food, and pasta I guess but the odds of having a Chinese food that’s actually good on tour are pretty minimal. I almost didn’t say Chinese food actually. A few days ago in Tallahassee Palm and Gnarwhal went to this all you can eat Chinese buffet…and it made me feel like fucking trash man. It was $10 to make me feel like shit. I would have rather spent $5 and felt semi normal. On tour I guess that’s what I prefer….burritos and sandwiches that have lots of veggies. Often times you eat like 2 meals a day. Its what, midnight right now and I’ve only had one meal today, so stuff that has nutrients and calories and protein and such, are more attractive on tour.

Top 5 bands or albums you listen to right now?

Eve (guitar, vox) showed me this artist Cate le Bon who is really cool, I’ve been enjoying her album called Mug Museum. The more we play on tour the more I get into friends bands. There’s this crazy album of Malian singer songwriter stuff by this girl Saramba Kouyate with an album called 56. It’s on this cool blog called tapes from Africa which is full of obscure African music. Its really cool polyrhythmic beautiful meditative music. We have some friends in Atlanta that make really cool music called Red Sea they’re really sick. There are a lot of cool punk bands from NY that I’m into. There’s this insane band called Dawn of Humans who are super sick. Hmmmmm. I also really love reggae; I listen to a lot of reggae. There’s this drummer, Leroy “Horse mouth” Wallace who is like a reggae session guy that’s really awesome.         ( ^^^ these links are pretty fucking awesome. Don’t skip checking them out!)

What would you say is your biggest drumming pet peeve?

If the way a drummer plays speaks to me, I try to just take the whole package of how they do it. If I don’t like the way they are playing it’s pretty easy to see everything I think is wrong with their set up and how they are carrying themselves. So this is a hard question to answer, but when I really try and think about it I would say…people who play the same fill over and over again, or punctuate ever bar or 2 bars with a crash, or people that overplay in a setting that doesn’t make sense, but also people who underplay when it doesn’t make sense.

A couple weirder questions:

Do you believe in parallel universes, string theory, holographic theory, multiverses….anything like that? Are you a spiritual, or religious person? What’s your deal?

Man….I don’t know anything about that. I reflect on things that have happened to me and people that I know. I guess I form a world view based on that, but I’m not scientifically informed enough to feel justified in having any opinions like that I guess. I’m not a religious person, or even necessarily a spiritual person in the way that I when I think of people I know that I would describe as spiritual that doesn’t really sound like me…but I also value a lot of the things that people consider emblematic of being spiritual such as relationships with people in my life or certain things that have happened to me and seemed to have some kind of meaning or significance on the mark of my existence but I don’t have any specific ideology or set theories that I subscribe to as far as my outlook on my own life.

What do you think, or hope, happens when you die?

Honestly I don’t really care. I guess I always think that my love for the people that care about me transcends any sense of mortality. I wouldn’t want the people that care about me to be super bummed that I died or whatever, but one thing I’ve never really understood is why people are super precious about what happens to their bodies after death. I think it would be cool if I died, to just dump me in the woods and let animals eat me. I just don’t care. When I’m going to die and how it happens is concerning I guess, but I don’t have any notion of what should happen to my body or my memory after I’m gone because I feel like whatever happens to me after I die wont affect me in anyway, because I’d be dead.

Finish this joke – How many drummers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Ha, I don’t know man…you’d have to ask a real drummer. It’s funny enough to me being interviewed in this context. You’re a drummer talking about drum stuff, where as I don’t know shit about gear, I don’t know shit about technique. I don’t even consider drummer to be a part of my identity. If you woke me up in the middle of the night and was like “are you a drummer?” Id be like “I dunno.” I love music forever, but if someone told me I couldn’t play drums anymore that I could only play other instruments id be like “alright, that’s fine.” In terms of drummers, it doesn’t take a lot to intimidate me. I’ll see some 17 year old kid play with some band that I don’t even think is that good, and ill be like “fuck that kid is a real drummer…I’m just a fraud.”

That’s a really refreshing and interesting outlook from such a talented musician. I really like the fact that you don’t consider yourself a drummer, and yet you’re such a bad ass at it. That in itself speaks volumes to me. Its fucking dope, and I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me after the show.

I really appreciate you caring about what I have to say. Its super flattering, and it does wonders for my ego, haha. Great talking to you, and thanks again for lending me your bass drum pedal. You really came through in the clutch, no pun intended.


PALM is : Eve Alpert (Noise Angel), Gerasimos Livitsanos (Space Bass), Kasra Kurt (Sonic Shaman), and Hugo Stanley (Panoramic Percussion).

tradic basics palm


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