2016 – Drummers Sweet 16 Holiday List!

(I know its a bit late, but here are some great last minute stocking stuffers and a few fantastic package deals to keep the drummer in your life on the beat!)

This year, I’m breaking up the list into several categories of 5. The first category will be small but extremely useful items, most of which help dial in your sound. The second category will be bigger items, and the final category will be package deals that are too good to pass up! Plus, there is 1 final item at the end that you may just drool over!

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Alright, now that THATS out of the way, take a look at this list!

Each item’s title is a link to purchase!

Here we go!


  1. Drum Dots   $10drumdots

These clear little dots are among the best drum dampening systems out there! Specifically designed to take out certain frequencies when place on the batter or resonant head of the drum. I swear by these, and have never played a gig or recorded in a studio without them!


2. Emergency Kits $10-$20gibraltar-scdtk

Every drummer deals with losing small pieces here and there over time. These things add up very quickly, and before you know it you’re missing most of your felts, cymbals sleeves, and even your drum key! This kit, and others like it (although some are proprietary and have items that only work with hardware made from that company, such as the DW survival kit) are sure to keep your drummer playing their best!


3. Falam Slams – aka-  BASS DRUM SAVERS  $5-$10p38804

Designed to increase the longevity of your kick drum and keep the kick beater from wearing on the head too much, these life savers can also balance out your kick sound! They make them in Mylar, felt, and some with metal (for that “click” sound). Pair them with different types of bass drum beaters and you can really dial in that tone you’ve been looking for! Wood or plastic beater? try a felt patch, you’ll still get the attack of having a wood beater, but the felt will add just a touch of warmth. Felt beater? Try a mylar or metal patch, which will increase the attack (the click sound) all while making your kick head last longer!

4. Vater Stick Holder $10-$15


Stick holders come in handy for those moments when you’re raging hard on a song and a stick just decides its had enough and either breaks or jumps right out of your hand! Either that, or maybe you’re a flashy drummer doing all the stick tricks, and you miss one….in which case a stick holder like this is perfect!


5. Vater Stick Bag $20-$30


Every drummer needs a stick bag! This is where you keep all your small spare parts, felts, patches, drum keys, and of course….sticks!


This next set of 5 items is geared towards slightly bigger products, most of which serve the purpose of making your drum kit sound better!


6. Big Fat Snare Drum $20-$30


The Big Fat Snare Drum is one of the coolest new items on the drumming market right now. There are several models, all of which deaden your snare sound to get that fat 70’s tone. Some have other trinkets like jingles and such, and they’re all fantastic! Great for studio or live drumming, and harnessing your creativity!


7. KickPro Bass Drum Pillow  $30-$40kickpro

If a dialed in kick sound is what you’re going for, look no further. These bass drum pillows have a weighted core (that adds extra THUD), a non slip bottom (so they won’t move around from song to song like most of the other similar kick dampening products ) AND a soft fleece top (great for long trips in the van on tour). As a Kick Pro Artist, I swear by these pillows. I’ve worked in the drum industry for years and have tried almost every kick dampening product out there, and none of them did the job as well as this one! Great price point too! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!


8. KickPort $30-$40 9990

The Kick Port is a great way to add more depth to your kick sound. By focusing the sound coming out of your port hole, the Kick Port helps the microphone pick up a more deliberate tone from your bass drum!


9. Roc-N-Soc Drum Throne $150-$250nrxok-large

Roc-N-Soc Thrones are the best on the market in my opinion. Deluxe, Durable, and made right here in North Carolina. Adding a new throne to your kit can make playing a lot easier and a lot more fun! Comfort is king!


10. Vic Firth Drumming Headphones $50-$70lg_sih11

Theres a reason these headphones are a best seller in the drum world. They are affordable, comfortable, cancel out a good amount of ambient noise, and have great sound quality. Perfect for recording, playing along to tracks, or jamming out!


The final group of drumming gifts is focused on package deals! These can be a great way to get your drummer multiple cymbals, heads, and other items that can normally be pretty expensive when bought separately!


11. Dream Cymbals Ignition Starter Pack  $300-$400preview_1

Dream Cymbals are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES! Not only do they sound beyond fantastic, but they are arguable the best priced cymbals in the history of cymbals. Their approach to pricing structure ensures that the drummer can pick the cymbals they WANT, rather than the ones they can afford. How? Its called Sound Pricing, and Dream launched this idea in 2012. “All cymbals of the same size and style across Bliss, Contact, Energy, Vintage Bliss and Pang series will be the same price as the Bliss series. This represents a price reduction averaging more than 20% and ranging as high as 42%.” –Dreamcymbals.com

The Ignition Cymbal Pack features:

-Bliss/Contact series hybrid sound
-Great Sound For The Price
-Hand-Hammered Bronze
-Includes: 14″ hi-hat, 16″ crash, 20″ ride, 22″ cymbal bag

I’ve played my Dream Cymbals live and in the studio, and I will NEVER go back to any other cymbal company. You’ll see why when you try your new Dream cymbals out!


12. Remo Fusion ProPack $50-$70442827000000000-00-500x500

I’m a Remo guy, and buying drum heads in a pack is the best way to go about it. The most important thing is to make sure you know the sizes of your drums, so you can make sure the pack has heads for most if not all of your drums! This fusion pro pack is great!


13. Evans G2 Clear Pack $40-$70


Evans heads are among the best on the market and are known for their innovative technology! You can’t go wrong with this G2 Clear pack! Great for rock and metal drummers!


14. Aquarian Performance-2 Clear Drum Head Pack $40-$7052081-5bb774d38e9dcf7b86d96ef8cf648b19

Aquarian drum heads are an industry standard for recording, and for metal drummers especially. Their most famous head is the Super Kick and Super Kick II, one of THE best kick drum heads ever made. As with most drum head companies, their multi packs vary and there are plenty of options to choose from!


15. Vater Stick Bundles $35-$40 vater-vsp5bw-5b-american-hickory-sticks-4-pack

Vater Sticks have been my go to’s for years. Ive never been disappointed! Buying sticks in bulk is the smartest way to do it! These 5b’s are great for rock and metal drummers, or anyone with big hands that likes a bigger stick, but there are many packs to choose from!


Here it is, the final, 16th item for the 2016 drummers holiday list…..


16. Yamaha Gigmaker 5 pc shell pack $399!!!!


Yamaha makes some of the best drums and hardware, and they have a beginners drum set that beats all the competition! The Gigmaker 5 pc shell pack comes in 4 different color options, all with glitter (super rock n roll) and can NOT be beat for the quality, price, and sound in the beginners drum set market! If you’re looking to buy your drummer their first kit, or first “real” kit….these are the way to go! They’re durable, flashy, and sound great! My personal favorite is the White Grape Glitter kit 😉



Well, thats all folks! Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading, and I hope this list helps you pick out the perfect gift for the drummer in your life!

As always, you can find me on Facebook and instagram @drumityourself, as well as expertlychosen.com – a great website for picking out gifts! 


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