Huge Announcement Soon / Life Update !


It’s great to be back! 

As you can tell from my lack of current content, or from one of my last major posts, I’ve taken a fairly long break from blogging. 

I did this in order to focus on improving my percussive musicality, and find my “drumming identity”. I’ve also been working on improving my own personal well being. This process has been very challenging and also very rewarding. I’ve made some hard sacrifices, but a lot of progress has been achieved and this continues to drive me forward. 

Recently, an amazing musical opportunity has come up, and I’m getting ready to make it public very soon. I’m extremely excited about this, and I really can’t wait to share it with you! All I can say right now is that I will be working with some amazingly talented and highly accomplished musicians, and I can barely contain myself! Gahhhh!!!!!


After the initial announcement in the next week or so, I will pick up where I left off as far as blogging about drum stuff and updating whoever is nice enough to read this thing on my travels and experiences, as well as interviews whenever possible and spotlights on up and coming drummers / bands / products and brands. 

Thank you so much for continuing to support! I’m looking forward to starting this new journey and sharing it with all of you, as well as keeping tabs on what you’ve all been up to! 

See ya!

That’s my kitten Ramona up there^ sleepin on me. 😻😻😻 is powered by Kickpro Pillows! The best bass drum dampening system in the world. Check them out! 


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