I am currently enrolling students in Raleigh NC for drum lessons!

Before you read any further, let me state my credentials:

-Drumming for almost 20 years

-Over a decade in the music industry

-7 years experience in recording and studio atmosphere

-5 years session drumming

-3 years working with kids

-3 years drum technician, sales, and repair.

-1 year production manager assistant for Hopscotch music festival.

I have worked with several established artists from right here in the triangle, as well as a few out of state, and the list keeps growing!!

The market for drummers has never been better! EVERYONE needs a drummer because, virtually everyone else is a guitar player. Nothing against guitarists, but there is a reason that all the drummers I know are in 2 or 3 sometimes 4 different bands including myself! Whether you are looking for fundamentals, reading drum tabs, or upping your “pro” game, I can get you started on your path to success!

Is your child showing interest in music? Not sure which instrument is best for them? Believe it or not, drums are the most affordable, most lucrative in the long run, AND the most fun. Drum lessons are also a wonderful tool in teaching coordination, linear and abstract concepts such as poly rhythms and limb isolation (this helps develop ambidextrousness and makes using both sides of the brain easier), as well as respect, responsibility, and self reliance. Playing the drums is all about being cool, calm, and collected. I’ve had great success in developing fun and engaging exercises with emphasis on these areas.

drum room

Here are some of the lesson topics I utilize. I will split them up between my Junior Drummer Program (children and early teens), to what I would teach with teens and adults.

Junior Drummer Program: Introduction to the drums (where did they come from?) Different types of drums, Major emphasis on proper posture and stick technique (without boring them to death), Site reading and learning to read tabs and sheet music for drums, how to play by ear as well as learning their favorite songs on drums. These are just a few of my methods for grooming a great Junior Drummer!

Teens and Adults: Assess where the student’s musical level reaches its peak and create a custom “percussion plan” based on the student. This usually involves learning or going over the basic to intermediate rudiments, site reading, playing by ear, learning songs they like, but also a lot of emphasis on timing and tuning, how to get the right sound out of the drum for the right song, and how to “get the gig” or prepping for an audition, just to name a few.

Feel free to contact me anytime at Joelwillis91@gmail.com with any questions regarding the enrollment process or curriculum! I look forward to meeting new students!