I offer a wide range of services from Gear rentals, studio session and live work, drum tech, tuning and repair, as well as cleaning and polishing to bring back that sparkle!

On Site Tuning and Repair:

If you are in the Triangle, I can easily come to you to tune, clean and replace small parts on site when available, and instruct you on how to maintain the desired tone of your kit!

Tune Up – Drums get cleaned, heads get re-seated (or in some cases replaced) and tuned. $5 per drum!!!

Drum Cleaning – Drums get wiped down completely with special care and cleaning products designed to keep the outer layer healthy and new! $10!!!! (for the entire kit! up to 5 pc)

Drum Detail – Drums get a cleaning as well as bringing pitted or faded chrome back to a complete shine! $20 per drum!!! Ask for deals on kits with 4 or more drums!

drum hoop b4 and after

Don’t live in the Triangle? Don’t worry!

I offer Private videos instructing you on exactly what to do!

Session work:

I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented musicians, and have furthered my appreciation and ability to perform and compose a wide range of drumming styles.

Whether you need…

Straight forward rock, country, Blues, or Jazz…

Reggae, Latin, or Fusion…

Hip Hop, Trip Hop, R&B or Soul…

Electronic…Experimental…all types of Metal…or something a totally original…

I can assure you will get the best bang for your buck in the most professional and courteous manner!

***Studio rates vary based on clients needs and project lengths***

Live work:

Need a fill in, touring drummer or an auxiliary  percussionist?

Lets get in touch! I love filling in for different projects!

***Compensation based on equal cut of the band earnings per gig***

Please send all inquiries for pricing and booking to 

Gear Rentals:

Need a kit for your event?

A house kit for an open mic night…or even for a venue?

Look no further!

Kit Specs – Gretsch Catalina Birch – 7 pieces (8, 10, 12, 14, 16 inch toms, 22 inch Bass drum, matching 14×5.5 inch birch snare, 14×6.5 inch Tama steel snare, 14×8 inch Mapex Maple snare)

gretsch cat blue gretsch cat blue 5

Cymbals – Paiste – 15 inch vintage 405 hi hats, 19 inch Rude Series thin crash, 20 inch Rude Series Crash/Ride, 24 inch 2002 series ride, 6 inch accent splash.

Live Microphones/Sound gear – Sure Sm-57, Sure Beta 58, Sure PG58, Cobalt C09 (x2) -Mackie ProFX 12 channel mixing board – Peavy PA System (Ideal for smaller clubs and open mic nights that mainly need vocals. Passive Sub Woofer available if needed for kick drums)

***for all rentals, cymbals are included in the base price, however the cymbals that come with the kit are as follows – 14 inch Pulse hi hats, 20 inch wuhan dry ride, 18 inch Zildjian Crash – Performers drummers should be encouraged to bring their own cymbals with them, as the cymbals provided are not high end.

Professional cymbal line rental is available for an additional fee***

Ask about the open mic package if you need drums and a PA system (lights also available)