Big News Is Here! 

Alright, so I’ve officially joined the band NETHERLANDS, from Brooklyn NY!

 This is huge!

 They are the weirdest heaviest band you wish you’ve heard of sooner! 

Check out the album Audubon on Spotify! Follow us, like us, do all of that shit RIGHT NOW. 

Instagram –>> @nethrock

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On top of this, I’ve also become endorsed by VISIONARY DRUM! An amazing drum head artwork company based out of Portland Oregon! Not only do they make custom printed heads (remo of course) but, they also make custom reusable stick on “skins”. I recently ordered several for the NETHERLANDS drum kit, which has a gigantic 28 inch kick drum, and the skins are fabulous!  

Here are just SOME of my favorite designs from their website! They have so many great ones, and they do custom artwork! Go order yours now!!!

Thanks for tuning in! Check out all the links! See you soon! is powered by: 

Visionary Drum 
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Kick Pro Bass Drum Pillows
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Whats in the works?

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Busting my ass as a bar back and finally made my way up the ladder to bar tender. Working the door every Tuesday at my favorite dive. Recently, I made a huge leap and quit one of my jobs a couple weeks back to do this whole drumming thing. Not just playing the drums, but learning and sharing my experiences, writing about shit I think might be interesting or helpful to someone, somewhere…gigs…all that stuff. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but that hard work has only just begun. If you happen to read my blog, just hang in there. I’ve put in a lot of ground work to be able to do this regularly…but that same groundwork has kept me from being as active as I would like. That being said, I will probably attempt a new drum cover, practice video or drum fill break down, and an Interview this week if all goes well.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and youtube as drumityourself. Follow any of my stuff, and I will like the fuck out of your page.